sensing scents

These days, I have been looking just about everywhere for inspiration : scrolling through my old photos on Flickr, listening in on conversations in the hallways, eating dinner, reflecting on my habits or daily experiences.

Today I found it in an old crumpled up bottle of lotion on my dresser. I don’t use it that often anymore because it’s almost completely used up, and I have bigger, newer bottles to try. But I haven’t thrown it away yet because it’s a French brand that isn’t widely available in the US and I can be a little bit of a hoarder when it comes to nostalgic memorabilia. Plus, it’s still got a few good uses left.

I originally bought it sometime last February or March to use during travel. The bigger bottles I already had were too cumbersome to pack and not allowed in carry-ons due to their size. This little bottle was not only the perfect portable size, but also multi-purpose: it’s extra light formula was perfect as both a body and face lotion!

When I reached for it today over my usual daily lotion, the soft clean smell of sweet almond oil filled my nostrils. I was instantly transported to the last times I had used this very bottle: refreshing my skin after a windy day in Marseille, squeezing out a dollop from our AirBnB in Lisbon, trying to wake myself up in my little room in Chambéry.

I felt the spring breeze filter through the open window as my two companions and I got dressed for a day of adventures. I saw a beautiful sunset over the Mediterranean. I heard our neighbor’s music blasting from tinny speakers.

I have been so focused on getting inspiration through visual or auditory stimuli, that I was completely taken aback by this intense scent-memory. I wonder what other things I will smell this week! ❂



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4 thoughts on “sensing scents

  1. Scents can be very powerful in evoking memories. I like how you pulled the senses through your piece by including other senses in your memory – what you felt and saw. Thank you for taking me to France with you this morning!


  2. I hoard those things too. And when I finally decide that I have to let go, I cut the tube apart so I can get every single drop and I savor all of them. Scent holds such memories.


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