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Today is the first day of NaBloPoMo/NanoPoblano aka National Blog Posting Month! I’m going to (attempt to) make a post each day in the month of November!!since I’m on vacation for a few days and only have my phone to post, here’s a little sneak peek of a post I’ll probably expand on this month. Can you figure out what I did today based on the emoji?? 🚊💺😴🎟🔜1️⃣        ℹ️💁🚶‍↗️↗️↗️🌞⛪️📸↘️↘️↘️😰🍞😋 🏞🚷😕 🚉🔜2️⃣        ℹ💁🚶‍↪️👀🏘⤴️👀🚤⤵️📸☕️🍷😍😍😍📸🌞 🚉🔜3️⃣🤔❌4⃣        🚶‍↘️➡️↗️↘️↪️🏖↩️👀🍦🍋🍯😍😋🌤        🚶‍⤴️↗️↗️⬆️⬆️☀️😳😰😩💦🆙🚶‍➡️➡️➡️🌅😍📸➡️➡️↘️↘️⤵️➡️🤗5⃣🔚 👀🍕🍝🍷🇮🇹 🕗😳🏃‍🚊🔙 🌧😊😴💤👍 ❂

City of Masks: Unmasked, or Christmas in Venice

Ahhh January 25th. The perfect day to talk about December 25th! The holidays can be a tricky time of year when you’re away from home. All of the European assistants I know went home, and some of the Americans as well. But as for me, Home came to France!! My family and sister arrived in Chambéry after a much delayed flight on December 22nd. We walked around the town, got some snacks at the market and they got to meet one of the teachers I work with, which was especially nice since my mom is doing a pen pal exchange with her class! The next day we set off in our rented car for Venice, Italy!!! The drive was long, but as we keep reminding people here, driving 6 hours in the US doesn’t get you all that far, so the fact that we made it through the Alps and across nearly all of northern Italy in that amount of time was actually pretty thrilling. And when I say we went through the Alps, I mean we …

Benvenuti in Italia

As brilliantly put by my good friend Julia: “Useful Italian words known: 0 Italian swearwords known: 6788984765658 Hello Turin!” The pack of Italian friends I have made here are very enthusiastic about teaching me Italian words, and I am more than happy to learn them. I have learned about 15 ways to use the word cazzo (Italian for dick, which is used in at least 50 expressions, to convey any emotion under the sun. I have learned how to say that something is disgusting, in a way that literally means, “it makes me shit” (or the even more vulgar “it makes me shit a dick”. Just one example of the many uses of cazzo!). And there’s the old standby I learned from my dad: Andiamo?! Unfortunately, very few of these phrases came in handy during our recent trip to Torino, Italy. Being the brilliant planner that I am,  I managed to make a slew of Italian friends and then leave them all behind in France while I travelled to Italy with three anglophones who speak even less Italian than …