The Great Marseille Apartment Hunt of 2016

The wily explorer arrived to the Marseillais jungle with an accommodation booked for one week, and one goal: to finally capture a rare wild apartment. Having hunted before in this country (albeit a different region), she felt thoroughly prepared. She conjured memories of her last wild apartment hunt in the mountainous region of Chambéry;  a … More The Great Marseille Apartment Hunt of 2016

Adventures in Spelling

People like to share stories about the worst mistakes they’ve made speaking a foreign language. Asking your father-in-law to pass the condoms instead of the jam (préservatif =/= preservatives) Casually telling people that you’re horny while taking off your sweater (je suis chaud vs j’ai chaud).  But my worst mistake is way more basic than that. Once … More Adventures in Spelling


I am back at home and can type on a real keyboard instead of the tiny digital one on my phone!!! But I just got back from a VERY long (and somewhat dramatic!) six and a half hour bus ride so I’m copping out slightly by writing a quick introduction to my fellow Cheer Peppers, … More nablopomointro