Better Know a Frenchman


Once you’ve wandered through enough cities in France, you begin to notice some similarities beyond cobblestone-lined quarters and fragrant boulangeries. Just as we do in the US, the French name their streets and schools after their most impressive men and women and many of them crop up over and over again. After meeting several of these “grands hommes” all around the country, I realized I didn’t actually know who many of them were or what they contributed to French history that makes them worthy of gracing so many public infrastructures.

So, I started this series of explorations into France’s biggest and best, according to street and school names.

Know of a cool Frenchman/woman you think should be featured on Better Know a Frenchman? Leave a comment!


Jules Ferry

Jean Jaurès

Gaspard Monge

better know a frenchwoman

Move over guys, it’s the Ladies’ turn!!!

George Sand

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