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the ultimate throwback thursday

In 1999, my family spent several weeks of our summer vacation in Spain. We used a family friend’s tiny guest apartment in Madrid as a “home base” to travel all around the country. At 7 years old, I can’t pretend that I remember much about the trip beyond some sporadic memories, but a big photo album full of shots from the trip helps. Some of my favorite pictures were taken in a small town just outside of Madrid called Segovia. Its massive Roman aqueduct that cuts through the center of the town and the XII century Alcázar have led to Segovia being designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site. What I remember most from visiting Segovia is seeing dozens of cows lounging underneath the immense arches of the aqueduct and a roomful of real suits of armor filling the Alcázar, which was like something out of a storybook or movie! I have looked at these photos countless times, and (with the exception of the acqueduct photo) I had never had a single clue where they were taken. We spent …

Three Girls Go on Spring Break. What Happens Next Will Surprise You!

In Chambéry, I was blessed to have several groups of friends who I adore and hope to stay in contact with for many more years to come. Two of them you may be familiar with, as they are frequently mentioned on my blog. First is Hannah, my Beyoncé dance party room/soul mate (too bad she’s already taken!), and second is Uptown Julia, queen of the swine-dune and my heart. Both have also been blogging with me all year, and to be honest, I think we’ve really kept each other on track, constantly bragging to one another about how we just finished writing a post or taking bets on who’s gonna write their account of any given weekend first. I LOVE reading these girls’ blogs: they are colorful and hilarious and it’s so fun to read about similar events from our different perspectives. I’m sure that in a few months, when my “homesickness” for Chambéry is flaring up, my first stop will be their blogs.