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Everything you’ve ever wanted to know about the CAPES/CAFEP concours

If you are interested in becoming a fully certified teacher in France, you will inevitably come across mentions of THE CONCOURS. The CAPES. The CAFEP. The Capes-cafep… Whatever it’s called, passing it is the key to a coveted permanent teaching job within the Education Nationale. While I have touched on my own experience taking the … More Everything you’ve ever wanted to know about the CAPES/CAFEP concours

Six months gone by…

It seems like all of my posts recently have begun in the same way: “Wow, I can’t believe it’s been such a long time since the last time I wrote! Oof, it’s been a crazy couple of months – … More Six months gone by…

How about an update

Hey there gang ! So I managed to participate in a full TWO days of the March Slice of Life Challenge, and haven’t found much inspiration to write since… Not because I haven’t been doing inspiring things – au … More How about an update

Those who can, teach

There’s a pervasive notion, especially among expat communities that I’ve noticed, and that has been getting under my skin more and more recently. The idea is treating teaching English as a side hustle, something you do to support your … More Those who can, teach

Sun sun go away

It’s official. The French weather authorities crunched the numbers and determined that Marseille was the sunniest city in France in 2017. Our 3,110 hours of sunlight beat out Nice (3,047) and Corsica (3,036 in Solenzara). So a weird thing … More Sun sun go away

Christmas Tag!

Happy Holidays everyone!! 🎄🎄 I was nominated by Bola and Kenny for the Christmas Tag, a fun survey of holiday related questions and answers. It’s been fun to read about everyone’s different traditions 🙂 I’m currently on a bus … More Christmas Tag!


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