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I am friends with several people who do not live in the US, and/or who do not speak English as their native language. I love keeping up with them on Facebook, and luckily for me, Facebook even provides a simple way for me to translate their foreign-language status updates into English!

Unfortunately for Facebook, their automatic translator is not always the most accurate, and has trouble with idiomatic expressions and slang. Luckily for all of us, many of these translations come out sounding like pieces of strange avant garde poetry. In honor of World Poetry Day, I have decided to share with you a poem I constructed out of my favorite lines:

The dream year [year of dream]

That’s going to give this new year?
Anguish of the beginning of the year, which fall on me all of a sudden, like lightning..
It’s not laugh the seagulls..

Beautiful, isn’t it? ^^
I find myself almost as beautiful as a salmon
En papillote.

Look at the roots and wings, and falls on the Castle of Miolans
On top of Saint Peter of Albigny / freterive, in Savoy, or I could live.
That emotions to review what has been my corner
Or I have lived the love, the bike, nature… So many beautiful things in the end…!!!

….Nostalgia, nostalgia….

I’m flooded.


Even those with money stuffed people get a hang. MAKES ME twist !!!!

All to bend, to worship and to humble themselves,
to throw in the toilet for years and years of struggle
Because what matters is to get a place, no matter at what cost

The cost is the dignity of the worker…
And no one dares to say no…
No one dares to ask for more…

No one is ready to enforce those who are his rights.

Then I want to understand this mystery
(moments of great cultural importance) ❂

s/o to Julia who collected some of these fabulous translations!



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