14 mars – πku

Just as I did last year, in honor of Pi day, I have written you some Pi-kus, a modified haiku form where the lines follow a 3-1-4 syllable structure. today i meant to make a pie apple with lots of cinnamon or perhaps a lemon meringue a pumpkin pie would’ve been nice alongside scoops of … More 14 mars – πku

9 mars

On yesterday’s post about making crêpes, I received this comment: I like your bold words if one just read those it is like a poem with in a poem that captures the essence of it all yum This was totally not my intention. I bolded a few words in each sentence simply for the visual … More 9 mars


Currently: Perusing sonnets Responding to a job posting for an assistant director position at one of my favorite theatres! Searching my Google Drive for old cover letter inspiration Listening to an album I just discovered and can’t stop listening to: Rufus Wainwright’s Take All My Loves Checking my email inbox Jotting replies to everyone whose emails I’ve been ignoring all week Reflecting on … More Currently 

before that…

I crunched another tortilla chip as I watched the sun set from my parents’ rooftop patio. Before that, I lugged three floor pillows to the top floor to make myself a cozy reading spot in the dying sunlight. Before that, I sat down at my dining room table, texting my friend, noticing the birds and … More before that…