26 mars – Silent Sunday

Scenes from a rainy Saturday in my favorite town in France! ❂   Slice of Life is a daily writing challenge during the month of March hosted by Two Writing Teachers. Visit their blog for more information about the challenge and for advice and ideas about how to participate.


I couldn’t settle on a topic for today’s post, so I went back to my jar of memories for some inspiration… Found it! If you’ve ever lived in France, then you know this situation, and also how much of a joke the above park sign is. People have these grand illusions of France as a sparkling, wonderful nation of … More poo-ku

lost and found

This afternoon I finally finished reading Amy Poehler’s book Yes Please – my #SpringBreakRead no.3! She ends the book with a story about forgetting her laptop at a TSA checkpoint, losing with it about 50 or 60 pages of that very book saved on the hard drive. She spent a full day in complete despair until … More lost and found

the gratte-frog

The four of us piled into our Airbnb apartment in Montpellier, France. As my friends began to change into their pajamas and brush their teeth, I examined the bookshelves: A full set of hardback Harry Potter books; several shelves of paperbacks, their titles written upside-down as is the way with French publishers; a small CD … More the gratte-frog

sensing scents

These days, I have been looking just about everywhere for inspiration : scrolling through my old photos on Flickr, listening in on conversations in the hallways, eating dinner, reflecting on my habits or daily experiences. Today I found it in an old crumpled up bottle of lotion on my dresser. I don’t use it that … More sensing scents