If you are dreaming of ways to add more carbs to your life, then I definitely have the recipe for you!! Tartiflette is a dish famous across France, but originates in the mountainous Alpine region of Savoie, where I lived. It’s the perfect dish to warm you up after a long day of hitting the ski … More croziflette

Five Things to Do With Your Free Time Instead of Travelling

A few weeks ago, a fellow TAPIF assistant and blogger, Anne à l’aventure, published a post about reasons NOT to travel, which got me thinking… It may not be a popular opinion, especially in the Instagram Age where #wanderlust is the most noble of ambitions, but I am increasingly coming to terms with the notion that … More Five Things to Do With Your Free Time Instead of Travelling

Benvenuti in Italia

As brilliantly put by my good friend Julia: “Useful Italian words known: 0 Italian swearwords known: 6788984765658 Hello Turin!” The pack of Italian friends I have made here are very enthusiastic about teaching me Italian words, and I am more than happy to learn them. I have learned about 15 ways to use the word cazzo … More Benvenuti in Italia

Commence le Stage!

Yep, I did it! I officially started my job. As an intern at an art gallery. In Paris. IN FRENCH. I had basically no idea what to expect at first, despite having been to the gallery already to meet Charlotte (my maître de stage) already for my interview. Turns out, they’re in the middle of … More Commence le Stage!