20 mars – travel bug

Today, I have the travel bug.

To be fair, I have it quite a lot of days. So often in fact, that I’ve twice picked up and moved to France. But the travel bug requires not only day dreams and travel guides and beautiful photographs. It also needs a touch of forethought, a bit of planning, and a whole lot of researching and comparing.

Today was the day that I finally got down to business. I planned and arranged to visit my friend in London in May. I arranged to rent a car to drive through the beautiful provençal countryside when another friend visits in April. I booked a one night stay in Paris with the same friend. My spring break has also started to take shape with some potential travel options coming into focus– think southern Spain and/or Portugal!

I also settled on a date and bought a ticket back home to the United States on May 22, and have already arranged for my personal Uber driver (my mom!) to pick me up at the airport!

The nuts and bolts of travel can be stressful, even painful at times, but today I’m very excited that my Travel Bug is being fed and nourished! ❂



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4 thoughts on “20 mars – travel bug

  1. Hope you have a great trip. I’m headed to Italy this April and I can feel your sense of elation and stress combination. I think it is important to broaden our world view and expand our understanding of other cultures, communities, and customs. Bon Voyage!

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  2. Also just got planning done for the April vacation… the most stressful part is always tickets and booking housing, so I’m glad that’s out of the way! Such a relief!


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