How about an update

Hey there gang ! So I managed to participate in a full TWO days of the March Slice of Life Challenge, and haven’t found much inspiration to write since… Not because I haven’t been doing inspiring things – au contraire ! I guess I just haven’t been motivated to put them down in writing. Anyways, … More How about an update


I couldn’t settle on a topic for today’s post, so I went back to my jar of memories for some inspiration… Found it! If you’ve ever lived in France, then you know this situation, and also how much of a joke the above park sign is. People have these grand illusions of France as a sparkling, wonderful nation of … More poo-ku

Better Know a French Woman: George Sand

After researching several ‘grands hommes’ for Better Know a Frenchman, my series about the people behind the names on streets signs and buildings all across France, I found out about FemiCité, a feminist movement to put more WOMEN’S names in those places of honor. In solidarity, I have decided to begin highlighting amazing French Women along with the Frenchmen … More Better Know a French Woman: George Sand