NaBloPoMo: How’d I do?

It’s the end of November and the end of the NaBloPoMo/NanoPoblano challenge, and I’m sure you’re all wondering : How’d she do?

Answer: 20 posts out of 30 days. (I’m including this post in my 30 days because I did write it in November, even though I didn’t post it until December because of some technical difficulties….okay, fine I fell asleep before hitting the publish button.)

So, I didn’t win the challenge, as much as that hurts to type out loud. But, I did write more posts in this one month period than I did since last winter, so I think I can still solidly count this as an achievement. It definitely showed me that I can make blogging a habit, and that even though my original intent for this blog was to document my experiences living abroad (for both myself and my loved ones still at home), I still have plenty of stories to tell now that those adventures have come to close. My “normal” life can still be adventurous even though I’m not in some far-off romantic place.

I’m most pleased with all the posts buried deep in my drafts folder that I managed to finally finish. I’m surprised at how often I wrote about France or French things…although I don’t know why it’s so surprising. Clearly, me and the Hexagone have some unfinished business.

I would like to try again next year, with a larger focus on reading and connecting with others. I loved getting to “meet” new writers through their blogs. I was exposed to many different kinds of posts and styles of writing (which I’m obviously going to steal in the future ❤ ). I only wish I’d been able to comment more thoughtfully on everyone’s posts. I’m so appreciative of everyone who commented, liked and followed my blog during this month. Thanks for coming, and I hope you’ll be back soon! I promise to spread the wealth!

As for the future of Present Perfect…I still have some tricks up my sleeve that didn’t get written this month, and then we’ll see where I go from there, metaphorically and perhaps even literally!  ❂


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