Those who can, teach

There’s a pervasive notion, especially among expat communities that I’ve noticed, and that has been getting under my skin more and more recently. The idea is treating teaching English as a side hustle, something you do to support your lifestyle abroad even if it’s not something you actually care about or even like. This is … More Those who can, teach

1er Mars

They say that March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb. I think global warming has mixed that proverb up a little, because following a period of chilly fog and huge wind storms mid-February, it’s been 60s and sunny for weeks. However, March has come in with a brand new Slice of … More 1er Mars

2016: Greatest Hits!

In 2016, I had 4 different jobs read over 40 books started a bookclub that read 6 books together directed 3 plays, produced 2 more, and put on 6 camp sharings wrote for 31 consecutive days in the March Slice of Life Challenge oh yeah, and moved back to France… where I’ve travelled to 4 countries … More 2016: Greatest Hits!