Books: who’s with me?!

Pretty much my only goal for 2016 (because I am so not a resolution setter) is to undertake the Popsugar 2016 Reading Challenge. There are plenty of reading challenges floating around out there, but this one appealed to me because of the huge variety the list encompasses, along with its quirky specificity… Setting a goal of just a number of books to read in 2016 didn’t seem like much motivation to me, but choosing a book that is at least 100 years older than me, or about a culture I’m unfamiliar with, or with a blue cover seems fun, and I feel like it will lead me to books that I may not otherwise pick up!

A bunch of my friends in real life (and a couple of my blogging friends!) have also expressed interest in this reading challenge. So I had an idea: what if we all got together to choose some books that would fulfill some categories in the book challenge and then chatted about them in a sort of digital book club? We could choose one book each month, for example, and then at the end of that month share our ideas about it through blog posts/comments/discussions/etc.  It’s not as fun as an in-person rousing discussion while slurping adult beverages, sure, but maybe it’s the next best thing. Plus, I will completely condone — and even encourage — adult beverage consumption while typing your responses…

Some logistics: You definitely don’t need to be doing the Reading Challenge to participate! I was thinking that we can just choose books that might fulfill some of their categories to help those who are doing it to stay motivated. And it is a good guide for choosing books as well, particularly if there’s a category that many of us haven’t checked off yet! I’m happy to host the discussions on my blog, or we could pass it around to multiple different blogs, or you don’t even have to have a blog, you can just contribute through comments and that’s totally fine!! Basically, I’m envisioning a mini Twitter chat, but with more than 140 characters !!!

So my question now is: who’s with me?! I know I don’t have a massive blog following, but even if we got like 4 or 5 people to join up, I think it could be a fun way to connect with one another in a deeper way, and to find books we wouldn’t necessarily choose on our own! I’ll even make you a fun badge for your blog if you want!! But if it’s just going to be me and Hannah and my mom…then I won’t necessarily go to the trouble of organizing it on my blog… So please let me know: would you be interested in joining my monthly, low-key, online-based book club?? Answer below or in the comments!! ❂

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