Well, this is nuts.

As of today, I have been in Chambéry for two months. This fact is especially remarkable because the last time I was in France, it was for exactly this amount of time. And yet, this has felt like a drop in the bucket compared to that summer.

You know what they say….Time flies when you have no idea what you are doing.


Here’s a statistical breakdown of my first two months:

Museums visited: 4
Mountains hiked: 2
Movies watched: 6
Plays attended: 1
Crêpes eaten: 9
Dinners hosted: 4
Cities visited: 3
Students taught: 195
Pen Pal letters sent: 19
Postcards sent: 12
Official forms and dossiers submitted: 3
Countries my friends are from: 8
Languages spoken in any given outing: 4
Cows seen: impossible to count
Times I’ve been baffled by the Celsius scale: every single time
Times I’ve understood the metric system: none
Times per week I get coffee (or tea) with friends in the same café: 5, at minimum
Times per week we go for beer instead: depends on the week…..

I could go on and on here, but you get the idea. Life is exciting! But it’s also normal. The things that you do at home every day? I still do them too. I still watch Netflix while “doing” my homework. I still sit and chat about nothing for hours. I still eat an entire bag of Brussels Sprouts in one sitting. I still do laundry, go grocery shopping and wash the dishes. But sometimes I do it in a different language.

And just imagine: I have done quite a lot in just these two months, and I still have 5 more ahead of me. The next 5 weeks are going to be chock full of more adventures starting with our trip to Torino this weekend! The next weekend is Thanksgiving, for which we ordered a turkey this afternoon!! Then is the famous Fête des Lumières in Lyon, which by all accounts is absolutely unmissable, especially since we live so close. The following weekend will be spent in Montpellier and before I know it my family will be here for a Venetian Christmas!

Here’s to the past two months, and beyond!!!

2 thoughts on “Well, this is nuts.

  1. I always thought “Time passes so quickly when you are having FUN!” What mountains are they behind the school. Did you order a fresh turkey or a frozen one? How much do they over there. Is that a popular bird to eat there. We are having very cold weather, tonight it will be in the 20’s. Bridgit said yesterday, it was zero there. Buffalo got 5 FEET of snow today!!!!WOW
    Spent the afternoon at your house waiting for Heating man to check radiators. They are working fine. Mom came home early and we walked thru the new house. It is coming along. It is going to be wonderful! I Love it. Stay in touch; love hearing from you. Love you, NANA 11/18/14


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