All Aboard!

Well, I’m leaving tomorrow.

I am ready, at least I think I am. I’ve done everything that I can to try to inform myself about what to expect without forming too many preconceptions. I’ve filled out all the necessary pre-departure paper work. I have photocopied every piece of paper that I own and done at least MOST of the items on my DC To-Do List. I’ve completed every task on the  checklist (well, nearly everything…), I’ve packed as many of my most favorite possessions as possible into not nearly enough luggage and I’ve hugged all of my friends.

I still have so many questions…where will I live?! being first and foremost. Even though I know that renting an apartment, opening a bank account, and all those other fun post-arrival tasks are nearly impossible to do from abroad, I’m starting to feel like I’ve been irresponsible. Like I’ve been using that as an excuse to put off figuring them out. I know I am going to need to lean on the other assistants and the helpful Chambériens, and I am feeling so so lucky that there are nearly 20 other assistants in town!

So, I’m turning the page on DC and Virginia for now…and opening up the French chapître!


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