One Month: A Countdown

So, dear readers, I have now crossed the one-month threshold. One month until I return to France. One month until I leave DC. One Month.

I still have a lot of things to accomplish in the next 4 weeks. The last week of camp, including my middle schoolers’ public performance of the musical we’ve been working so hard on for the past month, Honk! jr. Helping my sister move to Chicago. Figuring out plans for my arrival in Paris. Calling AT&T to ask about options for suspending my plan. Unpacking. Repacking. Savoring DC and my friends while I can!

That last task on the list is the subject of today’s post. While I count down the days until I leave, I’ve also compiled a list of all the things I want to (try) to do before leaving on a jet plane.

I love DC. Despite all of its crazy problems, I really do love it. I’ve lived 5 minutes away from DC for my whole life and worked there for many summers, but I feel like I haven’t spent enough time really exploring outside of the regular touristy things. So, I’ve made a list of all the things I want to do or try or experience in the next 4 weeks. Some are touristy. Some are things I probably would do anyway. Some are attempts at seeing new parts of the city and all will be lots of fun!

DC friends, let me know if you want to come with me!


Anne’s Washington, DC bucket list:

Climb the Washington Monument
I haven’t done this since I was maybe 7 and I love me a good view from altitude!

Tour the US Capitol
Again, only something I did when I was a kid, but now maybe I’ll be old enough to appreciate it.

Get lost in the BIG Maze at the National Building Museum
One of my favorite spaces, the NBM has had an exhibit on mazes and labyrinths all summer which features a huge maze constructed in its glorious atrium. I’ve wanted to go ever since they announced the exhibit ages ago!

Experience the Holocaust Museum
While I’ve seen most DC (read: Smithsonian) museums at least once, I have never made it to this one. By many accounts it is one of the most interesting museums in DC (albeit not in the Smithsonian. Still has free admission though!).

Visit the National Gallery of Art
I love this gallery and especially would like to visit the Degas/Cassatt exhibit to see some beautiful impressionist paintings and learn about the French-American cultural exchange that inspired both painters.

Frolic through the Natural History Museum Butterfly Exhibit
The live butterfly exhibit opened a few years ago, and I haven’t yet had a chance to visit. But really how can one say no to a room filled with fluttering butterflies that may land on you!?

Hang out with Tommy J and his memorial
The Thomas Jefferson memorial and its surroundings are so picturesque, and with my profound and pretentious love for our nation’s third president (and a fellow francophile!), it just feels right to spend some more time there.

Picnic at Gravelly Point
This is something some of my friends have been trying to organize for years, but it’s never happened. This summer, it will happen! For my non-DC readers, this is a park in Arlington on the riverfront, across from National Airport where planes fly so low coming in and out of the airport that you can practically touch them!

Eat at Astro Donut and/or Ice Cream Jubilee
Crème Brûlée and PB&J donuts with fried chicken? Dark and Stormy ice cream and Gin and Tonic sorbet? Is it possible to say no?!

See so many shows.
Obviously, I can’t leave DC without seeing at least 1 million more plays. But as I only have a few weeks, I’ll try to limit it to the four I most want to see: Shakespeare Theatre’s annual Free for All performance this summer is Winter’s Tale, opening next week. The Globe Theatre’s tour of King Lear arrives at the Folger in September and the Isango Ensemble from South Africa arrives with two pieces, The Magic Flute and Venus and Adonis. Both look INCREDIBLE and I am so glad they are arriving just in time!!

See the Women’s Titanic Memorial
Because….there’s a Titanic Memorial?!

So much to do! So many people to see! So much fun to be had and memories to be made!

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