11 Things that Improve Anyone’s Day

  • When the proprietor of the little fruit and vegetable market across the street you’ve been patronizing recognizes you passing on the street
  • Interactions with store clerks where they don’t automatically respond to you in English
  • When your host mother tells you that you have a very good accent and then proceeds to make fun of the French accents of the English people she knows
  • Successful interactions with co-workers that include more words than “oui, d’accord”
  • Seeing a Molière play in French at the Comédie Française and actually understanding (parts of) it
  • Smirking at all the American tourists looking for the Louvre on a Tuesday
  • Realizing you know a shortcut to get somewhere
  • Figuring out a metro route without looking at the map
  • Surviving any phone conversation, no matter how short
  • When you accurately use a complicated verb tense in casual conversation and you don’t have to think too hard about it
  • When seeing this reminds you of where you are, a fact that still hasn’t ceased to amaze you:SAM_1823

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