Better Know a Frenchman: Gaspard Monge

Once you’ve wandered through enough cities in France, you begin to notice some similarities beyond cobblestone-lined quarters and fragrant boulangeries. Just as we do in the US, the French name their streets and schools after their most impressive men and women and many of them crop up over and over again. After meeting several of these … More Better Know a Frenchman: Gaspard Monge

Is France the Most Romantic Country in the World??

France has a fair amount of stereotypes: the country of cheese, snails and romance. The latter in particular seems to be an idea constantly perpetuated in American media and entertainment. But how does reality live up to what we see on TV? I’m personally a bit of a cynic, but still, it’s a question worth … More Is France the Most Romantic Country in the World??

I Got a Golden Ticket

Last night I booked my plane tickets!!!! I went back and forth many many times trying to decide where to fly into (Paris? Lyon? Geneva?), when to go (Later? Earlier?) and a million other variables, but I finally took the plunge and purchased my flight! I decided to fly to Paris, and I’ll probably spend … More I Got a Golden Ticket


I wanted to take some time today to bust or confirm some popular American stereotypes of the French people. (Disclaimer: this is entirely based on my observations over the past 2 months and certainly does not characterize ALL French people!) Here we go: Yep, they really do smoke ALL THE TIME. Actually, no one I live … More MYTHBUSTER EDITION