Q auick note on French Keyboqrds:

For stqrters; they look like thisM

azerty keyboard
Is this so,e kind of horrible joke+1

Thqtùs right: So,e keys hqve THREE different letters=sy,bols qssociqted zith the,: Try figuring out hoz to use the %qt% key 920 to type in your e,qil qddress:::itùs bqsicqlly i,possible:

*Here’s what this entire post says typed on an American keyboard vs a French one…

A quick note on French Keyboards.

For starters, they look like this:
Is this some kind of horrible joke?!
That’s right. Some keys have THREE different letters/symbols associated with them. Try figuring out how to use the “at” key (@) to type in your email address… It’s basically impossible.

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