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put down your phone

Working in a district that has a 1-to-1 technology initiative (all students 2nd-12th grade are given devices by the county), I am constantly wondering about the best ways to get children to use this technology responsibly. One major concern — which is often used in arguments against 1-to-1 technology programs — is that putting these devices into kids’ hands turns them into easily distractible zombies who are addicted to video games and don’t collaborate or talk to their friends anymore, consumed by their screens. I think there are a lot of things wrong with that assumption to start with (that is a post for another day…), but I also think that it then falls to us to model responsible use and to set limits on when devices should and should not be used. Some teachers I’ve spoken to have a policy that the technology should be used to create, not only to consume. I think this is a wonderful place to start! When I see kids in the halls playing mindless online games on their iPads, I usually ask …

Primary Assistant FAQ

In my time obsessively stalking all TAPIF blogs past, current and future, I’ve noticed the prevalence of secondary assistants across the interweb. It makes sense: there are way more of them! There are commonalities between the expectations and experiences of primary and secondary assistants, but seeing as most of the info out there seems to be geared towards the secondary level, I want to share some ideas that will be specifically helpful to current and future primary assistants, as they can be very different jobs.

Q auick note on French Keyboqrds:

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