Leg 2: JFK to CDG

Seven hours doesn’t sound like a very long time….right? Well, when that 7 hours is spent in a tiny seat on an airplane flying through 6 time zones, it feels like an eternity. I will say though, that Air France does a lovely job trying to keep everyone happy during this long, impossible journey.

I think I slept on the plane? I sure didn’t do much of anything else…but every time I woke up and checked the time, there was still HOURS left of the flight. So I have no idea. I woke up in the middle of the time where everyone sleeps (I feel like I can’t say the middle of the night, because all the time travel confuses me) and decided to watch a movie. There were LOTS of selections, and I chose Quartet, a british film with Maggie Smith directed by Dustin Hoffman about retired opera singers. It was at the Virginia Film Festival last year and I was dying to see it, but couldn’t. It was a really charming film and so nice to see Maggie Smith doing something outside of witty quips and one liners.

About 3/4 of the way through the movie, I noticed the people across the aisle had lifted their window shade and I saw the most beautiful sunrise I probably ever have seen. (Although as I write this at 4:45am in my room in Paris, (curse you jet lag!) it may soon have a rival!) I checked the flight map and saw we were flying over Ireland! Pretty far south of Dublin (Emma) but still pretty cool. I really wish I had been sitting closer to a window, but alas. I don’t see how people with window seats can just pull down the shade and carry on. When do you EVER get to be tens of thousands of feet in the air, staring down at the clouds and the land below you?! I guess maybe flying over the Atlantic Ocean gets pretty boring after the first 10 minutes…but that’s the ONLY excuse.

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