Leg 1: DC to NYC

Most of these are random thoughts I wrote down during the flight or during my layover in JFK…


It’s a good thing I don’t really have motion sickness. Cause planes are WAY worse than cars…when you turn and half the plane is suddenly 2 feet lower than the other half….yeah that’s pretty terrifying. And a great big reminder of why I don’t like roller coasters.


What are those Sondheim lyrics?

When you’re way up high, and you look below
At the world you’ve left and the things you know,
Little more than a glance is enough to show
You just how small you are.

Even though he’s talking about climbing a giant beanstalk…it’s so true! Looking out the window flying above DC is bizarre. You see all the tiny cars below and think about how the people in those tiny cars are actually the same size as you. And in fact, they look up and see a tiny plane in the sky and don’t realize there are dozens of people in that plane…


Maybe I should be a suitcase in my second life. Think about it…they go on all sorts of trips and get to go so many different places!! Although, on second thought I guess they never really make it out of the hotel room. Okay fine, maybe I’ll be like….a hand bag or a pair of sunglasses or something then.

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