Who I’m Reading

Hannah Goes to France – Hannah has actually done TAPIF twice.

Maiden Voyage – Julia coined the term Chambae (probably).

As Told By Dana – Dana’s been an assistant, a university lectrice, and has travelled all over. She’s the queen of TAPIF Tips!

La Vie en C-Rose – CatherineRose has lived in France for three years, and seems to do it all!

Hardly Snarky – Anne is also named Anne, is also from VA/DC, and was also a TAPIF assistant! I promise we’re not the same person.

Anne is Becoming – Anne always has an interesting perspective on things.

Adam’s Cooking Dinner – Adam has a true cultural and spiritual passion for cooking. I’m glad he’s finally sharing his tricks!!

This Armenian Life – Madison is an old friend who’s now a Peace Corps volunteer in Armenia!

I’m a Good Person, I Swear! – A comedy blog of funny observations about life as a 20-something. But it’s better than that tagline makes it seem…I swear!

Frenchification – I love reading  Zena’s tips and tricks quest to master the French language.

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