Well, this is nuts.

As of today, I have been in Chambéry for two months. This fact is especially remarkable because the last time I was in France, it was for exactly this amount of time. And yet, this has felt like a drop in the bucket compared to that summer. You know what they say….Time flies when you have … More Well, this is nuts.

Observations, Thoughts & Impressions on French schools

I have now spent about 3 weeks at Ecole Concorde, observing, assisting, teaching, etc. Here are a few of my initial reactions to French schools (or at least my somewhat unique elementary school). The kids learn cursive right off the bat — even at the stage they specifically pointed out, “Yes, in France we use … More Observations, Thoughts & Impressions on French schools

Vacation: Travels, Halloween, and the Great Assistant Reunification

Yes, you read that right. Vacation!! After working for less than two weeks, we had two weeks off for La Toussaint vacation. In fact, French schools have about two weeks of (paid!!!) vacation for every six weeks of school. Not a bad deal!! In lieu of lots of long posts about every fun event, which would probably take … More Vacation: Travels, Halloween, and the Great Assistant Reunification

Je vous présente…

Let me introduce you to my school!! Name: Groupe Scolaire Concorde (The school is actually made up of two schools: the maternelle (preschool) and elementaire) Location: Barberaz, France. A 10 minute bus ride or a 30 minute walk from my apartment. Size: There is one class of 17-25ish students of every grade. I believe this … More Je vous présente…

Almost Useful

**I am slowly but surely posting my way through the past few weeks…hopefully I will catch up this week and then I can start posting in the present tense! October 1st was the first day of our contracts as assistants. The académie de Grenoble required all 260-some assistants to come to the city of Grenoble for … More Almost Useful