23 mars – when you gotta go…

Many little family shops or neighborhood bars have quirky bathrooms. You know the ones I mean. Some are covered in cheeky murals, others have funky toilet paper holders, and they all extend or reveal a bit about the character of the establishment.

France is notorious for particularly grim public restrooms. They usually consist of a toilet with no seat jammed into a closet so small your knees are practically grazing the wall. And they often leave a lot to be desired in terms of cleanliness. But hey, when you’ve gotta go, you’ve gotta go. Desperate times and all that…

Which is how I found my self face to face with this toilet.


I have to wonder about the sign… What event (or events) lead to its posting ? Why is it in English ? Is that really what the proprietor intended to say ?? Whatever the answers to these questions, it really made me laugh. And the toilet was fairly clean to boot! All in all a worthwhile foray into the sketchy world of French public bathrooms! ❂



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11 thoughts on “23 mars – when you gotta go…

  1. Ha! and EWW. However, your description of bathrooms in France is spot on. When I was there I never saw such an eloquent sign, but I did have to urinate with elegance in some very unique water closets.


  2. love the sign
    as if there is any other option
    if you actually try to use it
    I prefer to do my squats in a gym
    must explain why
    they have strong leg muscles over there

    so brave
    I have felt your pain

    in the large public bathrooms over there
    I don’t like that you sometimes have to pay
    and have an elderly audience of one
    listen to you go


  3. Ha ha! that goes in with all the “funny signs you see while travelling” collections.
    But I have to say, I love the phrase “with elegance and precision.”
    If it didn’t make me now think of pee, I would say I will apply it to everything in my life !!!


  4. This has me laughing and remembering several quirky restrooms! One in Bloomington, Indiana has the actual toilet up a set of 3 steps – and is embellished with jewel-like tiles for this “throne,” so I believe if I ever return to it I shall make this sign to place above it!


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