24 mars – my day in stairs and hills

7:48      Slam the door, run down two flights : 40 stairs

7:49     Down the hill to the metro

7:53     Down three flights to the platform : 82 stairs

8:12     Down the escalator to the bus stop : 26 stairs

8: 29    Up the hill to the school gate

8:32     Up the stairs to the second floor (the third floor by U.S. standards) : 32 stairs

10:15    Down to the teachers lounge for recess : 32 stairs

10:33    Back up to the second floor : 32 stairs

11:30    Back down for lunch : 32 stairs

1:35      And up again for afternoon classes : 32 stairs

3:00    And down again for afternoon recess : 32 stairs

3:15     Class on the first floor this time, last class of the day : 16 stairs

3:45     Back down the stairs, down the hill, into the bus, up to the Metro platform

4:37     Up the long elevator to the street … just kidding I’ll ride this one up.

4:38     Up to the second floor : 40 stairs

4:38:001     And a big PLOP onto the couch. ❂



Slice of Life is a daily writing challenge during the month of March hosted by Two Writing Teachers. Visit their blog for more information about the challenge and for advice and ideas about how to participate.

9 thoughts on “24 mars – my day in stairs and hills

  1. Do you have a Fitbit? I’m impressed with your level of activity, though I have always thought that those who live in the city get a lot more exercise than those of us in the suburbs.


  2. Very clever! Someday you will read this post and be very nostalgic for a day in France. From my time abroad (Austria) as a student, I miss the sound of trains and the taste of fresh bread.


  3. NIce ROY G BIV photo
    The line spacing makes it look like steps
    Love how your writing
    has a math lesson in there
    and a lesson about time
    and a lesson about lists
    and a lesson about different perspectives
    we can take of our day
    and the value of a well deserved plop


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