Safekeeping Discussion

This book was such an enjoyable read! Not only was the plot very engrossing, but I also learned a ton about Jewish/Isreali/Palestinian history that I only had some notions of before. I finished the book wanting to read all the Wikipedia pages about the history of Isreal… Definitely recommended! If you’ve read it, or would like to, follow along and join in the discussion over on the book club page!!

present perfect book club

Okay…so I loved this book. I didn’t find it life changing but I did instantly want to look up everything I could about Jewish history and Israel. I thought it was so well done showing each character’s individual plot. I also think it would make a great movie.

So here we go with a discussion:


Q1: So there are many characters in this book and they each had their own path to take.Did anything unite them in particular? Did anything make them seem as if they were in separate worlds?

Q2: Each of these characters seems to live by a different set of moral codes. I kept wondering if one of them was “right” or “wrong”, or simply if they were doing the best they could under different life circumstances. Do you think one character is more moral than the other? Do you think any of them found…

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