Dark Places Discussion!

Hoorah, it’s Book Club week!!! Dark Places was an…..interesting reading experience. I’m still not totally sure how I feel about the book, so I’m definitely looking forward to hearing others’ reactions! If you’ve read Gillian Flynn’s book, drop by the book club page any time this week to discuss!!

present perfect book club

This week (or whenever you can join us!), we are discussing Dark Places by Gillian Flynn

To participate: It’s very simple: share your ideas and responses in the comments section of this post!!! You can respond RIGHT NOW, or in 5 days if you’re busy, or even next month. It doesn’t really matter when, the goal is just to exchange ideas! You can respond to my questions, or go rogue and bring up your own topics of discussion: the world is our oyster here!

To respond directly to a comment, make sure to hit the REPLY button at the top of the comment, rather than writing in the comments box…this will help ensure the person you’re commenting to will see your response! Check out this nifty guide if you want to add any special formatting (bold, italics, bullet points, block quotes, etc) to your comment.

This month’s discussion moderated by Daniel aka…

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