May 2, 14:35

A lot of work went into this very moment. Months of planning, whispering, stressing….

Four Months Earlier

January 14, 18:54

January 17, 15:45

January 17, 21:32

Some time passed… Gabriel even came to visit!

March 23, 22:12


Excitement mounted as plans were put into place.

April 3, 15:08


April 22, 23:49

Can we pull this off??

We powered through with fingers tightly crossed as the big day approached.

May 1, 11:48

May 1, 22:55


Finally, THE BIG DAY – MAY 2nd

9:39 am18onthetrain

11:47 am

12:59 pm



That night


read Hannah’s account here

7 thoughts on “#journéeinoubliable

  1. I don’t know any of you personally, but this story made me so so happy for Hannah and Gabriel (I’ve read a LOT of her blog) and also the three of you as adorable best friends! It makes me so happy to know that the three of you have been so close and that you both were so awesome about helping coordinate this whole thing! You are all lucky to have such sweet friendships and Hannah is lucky to have such a sweet fiancée that knows to work with her awesome friends! 🙂

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