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Winter. Or, how many times can I write the word snow in one post*?

Living in between three giant mountains has its perks…namely the stunning views and the easy access to hundreds of hikes and walks. And, one would think that living in the Alps would mean an endless supply of winter snow!! But this winter, one would be wrong. At the beginning of the winter sports season, the Savoyards were in a panic because of an unusually un-precipitous December: HOW WILL WE SKI IF THERE IS NO SNOW, they cried. Slowly, we could see the snow approaching on the mountaintops, but never did it make it down to us lowly inhabitants in the valley. For weeks we watched beautiful flakes falling from the sky only to run outside and find it had all immediately melted on contact. Even though the ski stations by now have more than enough snow, I still felt gipped…So on one particularly snowy day, Julia and I ventured out for a romp in the lightly accumulating fluff.