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Currently: Perusing sonnets Responding to a job posting for an assistant director position at one of my favorite theatres! Searching my Google Drive for old cover letter inspiration Listening to an album I just discovered and can’t stop listening to: Rufus Wainwright’s Take All My Loves Checking my email inbox Jotting replies to everyone whose emails I’ve been ignoring all week Reflecting on what it means to be “serious in love” (Thanks, Shakespeare) Plotting to watch last week’s episode of Game of Thrones Reading the book club book we start discussing this week, though I have had trouble getting through this one… Sending positive vibes into the universe Considering a deer puppet Anticipating a long weekend of relaxation, rehearsal, and hopefully reading Sipping iced tea Playing around Pushing my covers back What are you doing, currently? ❂

writing and writing and writing

I feel like I’ve been writing all day… I spent all morning writing cover letters, updating CVs, composing emails. I spent a few hours this afternoon writing responses to my online bookclub, engaging and discussing with other readers. Then, I edited all that job stuff some more. What’s worse is they’re all in French (except the bookclub!) which makes the process take about 10 times longer. Usually my job application process is pretty streamlined: Update resume with recent developments Write cover letter using the building blocks from countless cover letters I’ve already written Maybe send both to my mom or a trusted friend if I’m feeling really anxious Spend 2 minutes composing a simple introductory email to attach my documents to Hit send. Today my process is more like this: Study a whole bunch of examples of French CVs (they’re different than American ones!) Start my template with a healthy dose of copy/paste Google things like “professeur remplaçante description pour CV” to make sure I’ve got some French buzzwords to use Start my cover letter with a …