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Books: who’s with me?!

Pretty much my only goal for 2016 (because I am so not a resolution setter) is to undertake the Popsugar 2016 Reading Challenge. There are plenty of reading challenges floating around out there, but this one appealed to me because of the huge variety the list encompasses, along with its quirky specificity… Setting a goal of just a number of books to read in 2016 didn’t seem like much motivation to me, but choosing a book that is at least 100 years older than me, or about a culture I’m unfamiliar with, or with a blue cover seems fun, and I feel like it will lead me to books that I may not otherwise pick up! A bunch of my friends in real life (and a couple of my blogging friends!) have also expressed interest in this reading challenge. So I had an idea: what if we all got together to choose some books that would fulfill some categories in the book challenge and then chatted about them in a sort of digital book club? We could …

My Suitcase Can Only Weigh HOW MANY Pounds?! And other packing concerns.

I’ve gotten a few questions recently about packing for TAPIF. Figuring out what to bring for seven months, in a strange country, for a professional job, which takes place over mostly winter-y months, all while keeping in mind airline limits is not a simple task. My number one recommendation is: make sure you can carry what you pack. You’ll inevitably have to lug your luggage through the airport, onto a train, through a metro system, across cobblestones and up 5 flights of stairs, and while passersby are generally kind to someone in need of an extra hand, you’ll be much more confident if you know you can at least manage it on your own if no one is around to help. After that, what you bring and what you leave behind is more or less your prerogative, but here are some of the guidelines I used.

Primary Assistant FAQ

In my time obsessively stalking all TAPIF blogs past, current and future, I’ve noticed the prevalence of secondary assistants across the interweb. It makes sense: there are way more of them! There are commonalities between the expectations and experiences of primary and secondary assistants, but seeing as most of the info out there seems to be geared towards the secondary level, I want to share some ideas that will be specifically helpful to current and future primary assistants, as they can be very different jobs.