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2016: Greatest Hits!

In 2016, I had 4 different jobs read over 40 books started a bookclub that read 6 books together directed 3 plays, produced 2 more, and put on 6 camp sharings wrote for 31 consecutive days in the March Slice of Life Challenge oh yeah, and moved back to France… where I’ve travelled to 4 countries and (at least) 11 cities so far! where I teach 16 amazing classes of primary school students where I’ve met new friends from over 8 countries where I’ve amassed a wine bottle graveyard who’s current count is about 38… (we host a lot of parties) I’ve been struggling a bit this time around to keep up my blog, but I have a handful of posts in the works and hopefully will continue to be inspired to write more as time goes on. For now, please enjoy the Present Perfect Greatest Hits of 2016!! These are the posts I’m most proud of, pleased with, either because of a fun story, or because I pushed myself to try out a different form of writing, …

2015: year of this blog

In 2015, I hardly blogged as much as most people. I don’t even think I blogged as much as my mom (who has way more discipline and motivation than me in almost everything). But it was the year that I wrote on this blog, and kept writing, even when it took me a month to finally publish a post about something I had done 2 months before that… So I am declaring 2015 the year of this blog! According to the cute annual review WordPress sent me, I wrote 49 posts in the past twelve months, which, now that I’ve written that down, sounds super pitiful, but when you consider that those 49 posts make up a total of 91 total posts on the blog… I’ll just have to keep in mind that everyone starts from zero. And I’m definitely curious about what my 100th post will be!! To no one’s surprise, the most popular posts are ones revolving around the logistics of my year doing TAPIF, including my advice for completing the application, my guide to …

I’m basically famous now

Several months ago, I published this post about everything I love about my adopted French hometown of Chambéry, following a National Geographic Intelligent Travel questionnaire. After revamping my answers a few months ago and sending it in to be considered for the site, I got word yesterday that Intelligent Travel decided to publish my post as part of their weekly “I Heart My City” feature!! They made a few edits to make it more consistent with their questions, and they added a bunch of flickr photos, some of which I don’t even recognize where they were taken….but hey! It’s still pretty cool. I hope that this highlight will encourage people to consider visiting this little corner of the world 🙂 And I hope some of you will also be encouraged to publish similar pieces on your own blogs, and to share them with National Geographic. Then maybe you, too, will feel as famous as I do today !! ❂

Blog Update: TAPIF Timeline!

So, here’s the truth: that tangled web of French bureaucracy people go on about…didn’t seem to ensnare me very effectively, In fact, I had a fairly tame run-in with the infamous institution: my CAF subsidy came on time, I even got my carte vitale right after Christmas! So, even though I’m sure it was just beginner’s luck and nothing at all having to do with skill, I wanted to share my TAPIF timeline: when I booked my tickets, when I found an apartment, when I submitted important documents and how long the various processes all took. If you have more specific questions about anything, ASK in the comments and I will do my best to respond!!! And remember, my experiences won’t mirror yours: my experiences didn’t mirror the other assistants in my town, even when we went together to submit the exact same documents to the same people at the same time! I’m definitely not an expert, but I figure at the very least maybe this will put your mind at ease by giving you a modicum of an …

Blog Update: THE MAP!

Just a quick note to update you all about a new feature on my blog: The Map! This is something I started while studying abroad in Paris as a way to memorialize all the monuments I saw, restaurants I ate at, bars I drank at, etc… but then let fall by the wayside. The other day, after an exhausting week of work I fell asleep at 8:30pm and woke up at 4:30am, full anew of energy. So, I decided to do some blog maintenance and re-stumbled on the map! It is now integrated more fully into the blog, with quotes and links to posts, and fully updated to reflect the past 5 months living in Chambéry as well. Please take a few minutes to browze through it; I put some hard work into it and have to say I’m pretty proud of how it’s turning out! Thanks, as always, for reading!!!