Bel Canto Discussion

This is not a book I really enjoyed reading…but I think I will enjoy discussing it! If you’ve read it or are reading, come join us over on the book club page!!

present perfect book club

Today we have TWO moderators for the price of one!! Julia and Kristina suggested we read Ann Patchett’s Bel Canto, and here they are with some thoughts and questions!

Julia says:

I finished the book yesterday and I loved it, although I think I’m still recovering from the last chapter and the epilogue … but more on that in the discussion, I hope! 

Q1. As in February’s book club pick, Station Eleven, the story is told from multiple perspectives. Is there a specific character that stood out to you or that you warmed to in particular (ex. for his/her heroism, growth, etc.)? How do you think the story would be different if it were told through the eyes of a single character?

Q2. Some of the most striking passages in the book are the ones that describe music. Music represents different things for different characters – safety, escape, or even God – and Roxane Coss’s singing has a mesmerizing, even magical, effect on both the…

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