Wordless Wednesday – Graffitis

Pont des Arts post Paris Love Locks

I didn’t even know Wordless Wednesday was a thing until today…but I am taking full advantage! Happy Humpday, friends 😊 ❂

3 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday – Graffitis

  1. Ah, I didn’t know the padlocks had been removed until I saw your post. We were in Paris for our Honeymoon last April and i’ve today be pulling our photos off our camera.

    We didn’t leave a padlock ourselves. It’s a sweet idea but a little tacky we felt, and besides there were plenty already. We’d heard word while we were there that the bridge was weakening – seems we saw the padlocks just in time=D

    (I also didn’t know about Wordless Wednesday until yesterday either!)

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    1. Yes, I was a little sad because they have of course grown to be so iconic, but when they are threatening the structural integrity of the bridges…..well, it certainly gives pause to the whole idea. The photos of the massive dump trucks they had collecting all the removed locks were totally impressive though!!


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