Friends– Click here to leave a comment if there’s anything about Paris or French culture that you’re interested in hearing about! I’m always looking for blog post ideas/conversation starters with my host family……

2 thoughts on “Ideas?!

  1. Anne, your Blog is awesome. Almost as good as the journal you kept in Spain. If you’re looking for an escape from the gilded palaces and topiary, you might try to find the Maison Ozenfant (, brilliantly conceived, but badly altered over the years. The Pavilion de L’Esprit Nouveau is better preserved and I think it’s a Corbusier museum now.

    Or for a longer excursion, the Villa Savoy in Poissy (, Corbusier’s masterwork, although I have no idea if public transportation can get you there.


    1. Thanks, Dad! Sadly, nothing will ever beat my journal from Spain with the crayon rubbings of pesetas and glued in grocery store receipts. This pale digital vision of a scrapbook will have to do for now.

      I was already planning to see Villa Savoye! Poissy is right on the commuter line, actually, so pretty easy to get to from Paris. I guess I while back they almost tore it down, so the town got together to save it and it’s now one of the “official” National monuments. ( Unfortunately it’s closed Mondays, which means I’ll have to find an open Sunday to go…But, I will definitely find the Maison Ozenfant; Looks very cool! Thank you! I’ll report back soon 🙂


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