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overheard at school

The architects of our brand new school building are documenting their works with photos and videos during the school day. Two girls are watching a camera crew get video footage of another grade at recess through the window of their classroom.  Girl 1: I think they are filming a movie on the playground. Girl 2: Those kids get to be in a movie?! Girl 1: Yeah, I it probably starts like, ‘They were all having a great time at recess. It was a beautiful day. And then the ZOMBIES ATTACKED.’ ❂ *full disclosure: this is the same mastermind behind the piñata diaries   Slice of Life is a daily writing challenge during the month of March hosted by Two Writing Teachers. Visit their blog for more information about the challenge and for advice and ideas about how to participate.

the piñata diaries

I woke up early to school today, even though I don’t normally work on Wednesdays. I did not want to miss the visit of author Jarrett Krosockza, who writes and illustrates the popular Lunch Lady graphic novels and my favorite Playtupus Police Squad along with an impressive range of other picture books and graphic novels!! I went to his talk with my mom’s third grade class and loved hearing him talk about how he has always loved to use his imagination to tell stories. He showed us some books that he wrote in the third grade, and reminded us that he still uses the same ideas (drafting, revising, editing) today! One of my favorite things he said was that he really believes it is important to be bored. All the stories he wrote as a kid, were things he did when he was bored. “I know it can be hard now, because we have so many things to distract us,” he said. “But it’s so important to be bored so your imagination can get to …