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That’s right, gang. It’s June 15 which marks exactly one month since I arrived (May 15) and one month until I return (July 15). Pretty crazy, right?! Since I now have lived in two of the greatest nations’ capital cities, I present to you the following lists to commemorate this momentously bittersweet occasion. Top Things Paris is doing better than DC 1) Bread. Step into any boulangerie and you’ll smell what I mean. Unless you go for the artesanal Harris Teeter Bakery loaves, most of the bread we eat in the States is square and comes in a colorful bag. Which is not to say that stuff doesn’t exist here because I guess some people make sandwiches out of it. The last bag of “pain de mie” we bought was actually called “American Sandwich” I kid you not. But that’s because the French have even perfected the sandwich beyond what we can handle in America. Take a look at the popular baguette sandwich. Compact, flavorful, hearty, everything I love in a sandwich plus the added benefit of …

Take a ride on the Paris Métro!

Bonjour Westgate!! Today I want to tell you about something important to the life of every single Parisian: Public Transportation!! In big cities like Paris, Washington DC, and New York it’s very important to have an effective system of public transportation  so that people don’t have to drive everywhere. More than 2.2 million people live in Paris; can you imagine if all of them drove to work every single day?! Luckily, Paris has one of the best Metro systems in the world!

Bonjour Westgate!!

Bonjour Third Grade, à Paris! (Hello, from Paris!) I’ve been here almost 2 weeks now, and I’ve been learning so much. Mrs. Donnelly told me you might want to learn about Paris too, so I made this post for you! This is the Eiffel Tower, the most famous building in all of France!  In French we say La Tour Eiffel, but some people call it “la dame de fer” which means The Iron Lady. This monument was built in 1889 for the World’s Fair in Paris. It’s named after Gustave Eiffel, the man whose company was in charge of building it (his company also made the frame of the Statue of Liberty in New York City!).

Leg 3: CDG to Ave Félix Faure

At about 7:30 local time, we arrived at Aeroport Charles de Gaulle!!!! After a long roundabout journey from the terminal through a Beautiful but strangely deserted airport, through border police to baggage claim, I was on a taxi to my next location by 8:45. I stopped first to send mom an email and mentally prepare myself for leaving the beautiful bilingualism of the airport… I actually had in my inbox an email from my lovely hosts with detailed instructions of how to get to the apartment via métro and really considered doing that to save $ (or € I guess) but…it required like 2 ligne transfers and while my bags aren’t super heavy, they’re heavy enough that I decided against it….plus I figure I’ll get to drive through Paris along the way! Like that scene in The Parent Trap where the American Lindsay Lohan drives through London for the first time…maybe the cab driver will let me stand up through the sun roof too!!!