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Il n’y a pas d’oeufs dans la tarte!

My roommate Steph is allergic to EGGS. Which makes eating baked goods really difficult. She’s also allergic to chicken and turkey, so let’s just say that making dinners for both of us must be really tough. She also really sucks at opening wine bottles….Way to go Steph for ruining everything……… Luckily, we have an incredible host sister (? is that even a thing?) who made this apple tarte WITHOUT EGGS!!!! (In reality though, Steph is really cool and I’m so glad she’s my roommate. We are both really lucky to have each other and our amazing host family!!!)


Well okay here we go…I finally have found some time to write a new blog post!! I’ll probably end up splitting it up into a couple; there’s just so much to cover! I think I left off with orientation week, so I’ll pick right up with our first week of classes…Hang in there people, it’s gonna be a long ride.

Leg 4: Meeting new people!!!!

Unlike many people I’ve spoken to, getting into the apartment of my famille d’accueil (host family) was actually super simple. When I got to the gate, there was a delivery man who knew the code, so before I could even get the paper out, he had it open for me. Then I arrived at the building and started to call up when two neighbors came out. They offered to let me in, but I wanted to call up so the family would be expecting me. The whole past three hours were about delaying the inevitable…why stop now, right? I was buzzed up and got into the elevator to go to the 12ième étage!!