2nd mars

I headed out of my apartment to do some errands. On the list: buy envelopes, check out the bookstore, swing by the school to drop off a paper. Halfway through errand #1, I reached in my pocket to check the time on my phone. School closes at 17h, so I couldn’t drag my feet. My … More 2nd mars

An UnPRESIDENTed Evening

Picture this: three 20-something girls on a wild vacation through Western Europe, make a stop in Lisbon, Portugal. Checking in with them around 9PM, you might expect to find them out dancing, drinking, experiencing the local nightlife. Or you might find them in their AirBnB rental, already changed into sweatpants, winding down from a long day … More An UnPRESIDENTed Evening

Lucky Pennies: Day 2

I have this thing about pennies. I don’t know where my fascination with these little coins started. Maybe from my dad telling us to “save your pennies” every time we suggested a trip we wanted to take or a gadget we wanted to try. Something about them has always made me smile. On one hand, … More Lucky Pennies: Day 2