4 mars – Things that I do in France that I don’t do at home

Eat yogurt When you first come to France, you expect the grocery store aisles of cheese and wine, but you don’t expect an equally long aisle dedicated to yogurt. It’s like a way of life in France. I don’t think I have a single colleague who doesn’t finish their lunch with a container of yogurt … More 4 mars – Things that I do in France that I don’t do at home

2016: Greatest Hits!

In 2016, I had 4 different jobs read over 40 books started a bookclub that read 6 books together directed 3 plays, produced 2 more, and put on 6 camp sharings wrote for 31 consecutive days in the March Slice of Life Challenge oh yeah, and moved back to France… where I’ve travelled to 4 countries … More 2016: Greatest Hits!

Americanah Discussion! — present perfect book club

Have you read this remarkable book?! I haven’t finished yet, but I want to know what you think!!! Come join our discussion 😀 Hey guys, So, full disclosure: I’m only about 150 pages into this book…it took me a while to get it from the library and then it’s been just about the busiest month EVER … More Americanah Discussion! — present perfect book club


Currently: Perusing sonnets Responding to a job posting for an assistant director position at one of my favorite theatres! Searching my Google Drive for old cover letter inspiration Listening to an album I just discovered and can’t stop listening to: Rufus Wainwright’s Take All My Loves Checking my email inbox Jotting replies to everyone whose emails I’ve been ignoring all week Reflecting on … More Currently