13 mars – priorities

One of the best things about teaching in France are the school holidays. For each 6 weeks of school, we have a 2 week vacation– not too shabby! While I like to take advantage of these breaks to relax, I’d be remiss if I lived in Europe without traveling around as much as I can. After all, who knows how long I’ll even be here!

This week I’ve been corresponding with a friend who I haven’t seen in 2 years. She recently graduated and moved to London and I plan to take advantage of being (relatively) close to England to finally visit her! As we coordinate dates, I look at my empty calendar for the month of May. My teaching contract ends April 30. My visa ends May 15. So far, my plan is to  pack up, go to London, and then head back to the United States.

I tell her, “I’ll either come the week ending with May 20, or the week after May 20. I haven’t really decided. I haven’t booked tickets from Marseille to London yet. I haven’t booked my flight from London to DC. So far, all I have booked are theatre tickets at The Globe on May 20.”

Thus go my priorities. ❂



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5 thoughts on “13 mars – priorities

  1. I like your priorities very much! I’m a tad jealous of you, too. I love Paris. I’m actually heading to France on Thursday. I’m now heading to the Globe site to see which play you’ll be seeing on May 20!

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    1. Lucky you! Where in France will you be visiting? I’m in the south- Marseille- and the weather is just starting to become absolutely glorious!!

      It’ll be Twelfth Night, I can’t wait!


  2. SO glad we could chat today! I’m glad you got your ticket to the theater and excited to have you come back home, too! Miss you but love that you are working where you get such great travel vacations!!


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