by the numbers

It’s March 31, the last day of the Slice of Life Challenge. WE DID IT!!!

In March, I wrote:

4 poems

11 small moment stories

3 idea essays

10 posts based on memories from my jar

2 overheard moments

1 post entirely in emojis

1 post about writing entirely in emojis

1 photo essay

1 silent sunday

1 throwback thursday

1 recipe

….a total of 31 posts!

In March, I received:

202 comments that kept me writing

Special shoutout to my top commenters, who I so appreciate and loved reading all month: MrsSurridge, Beth Scanlon, Rose Cappelli, macrush53, readwriteteachmakedinner, Hannah, Lisa R and… mom.

1 video from my friend teaching in France, showing her university-level English students analyzing my emoji post

countless ideas for my own slices, 4 of which were published

reinforcement that I am a writer, that I can make writing a habit, that I still have lots of stories to tell. ❂



Slice of Life is a daily writing challenge during the month of March hosted by Two Writing Teachers. Visit their blog for more information about the challenge and for advice and ideas about how to participate.


5 thoughts on “by the numbers

  1. So glad you joined in!! You definitely have stories and are really good at telling them in creative ways. Think about returning on Tuesdays throughout the rest of the year to share more slices here, a really great writing community.

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  2. Thank you, Anne. What an interesting way to end – a recap with numbers. When you see everything put down like that it is clear how much you wrote! Hope you will continue to slice on Tuesdays.

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  3. Glad I could be one of those top commenters. When I saw your jar of ideas, I knew I’d have to stop in a few times. It was great to spend the month slicing with you. Write on!!

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