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So, do you like living here?

I am asked ALL THE TIME why I decided to come to France, if I like it (obviously), and what I like most about living here. Frankly, I think that’s a bit too complex and personal of a question to ask in such conversational contexts, but I usually come up with some generic answer about wine, cheese, how much I love speaking French and how much more calm and relaxed the style of life is here compared to the USA… things that are generally true but not the most accurate responses. I’ve always had a huge breadth of interests. Without trying to sound like an asshole, I love doing – and am pretty good at – quite a lot of things: directing plays, arts administration, working with kids, making awesome anchor charts, teaching drama, managing social media, writing, speaking French, foreign cultures and travel, politics etc. Over the years I’ve dabbled in so many different things, without giving myself enough time or investment to really commit to any of them in a deliberate way. The …

Learn Something Every Day

I goofed a little on the NaBloPoMo challenge this past week… I was on a trip to visit old friends in New York, then had to catch up on all the work I missed while I was away, then suddenly it’s a holiday and I just haven’t found the time/energy to write. But just because I haven’t been writing much in the past few days, doesn’t mean I haven’t been learning. Here are a few things I’ve learned since my last post. Friday, November 20 – I learned that Chocolate scented teddy bears are apparently in production. I wondered if scented stuffed animals started with Lots’O, the bear from Toy Story 3. Saturday, November 21 – I learned this phenomenal lesson in cause and effect from NYC parks. Sunday, November 22 – I learned that John Oliver love/hates the penny as much as I do! As well as this very important pop culture development. Monday, November 23 – I learned this very salient declaration directed at all “millennials.” Tuesday, November 24 – I learned that the internet literally …

Sopranos and Soccer Stars: why I chose French

One of my great friends in Chambéry was an outspoken and inquisitive Italian named Elisabetta. We hung out practically every weekend, cooking with friends, watching movies, but we had rarely spent much time one-on-one, mainly because we were surrounded by so many wonderful friends. One weeknight during the February vacation, all our friends had returned home, were traveling, or had family visiting, and not wanting to waste an evening, we naturally made plans, just the two of us. After watching a movie (Alceste à Bicyclette, one of my favorites!), we were cleaning up from dinner when Betta, sponge in hand, said, “Okay, sorry. I have this song in my head so I just need to play it, do you mind?” “Well, we’re in your house…by all means!!” And she put on the opening Witches chorus from Verdi’s opera Macbeth. Being just elitist enough to want to wake up with opera stuck in my head, but uncultured enough to know next to nothing about it, I pretty much thought that was the greatest thing in the world.