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Okay, so we’re doing this!

WOW! Thank you to everyone who came through for me and my book club idea! I am so so so thrilled with the response: WE ARE DOING THIS! I set up a separate site for the book club, so that it won’t completely invade this blog. Plus, that will allow for some more flexibility if we want to get multiple book club moderators involved or what have you. Check it out here!!! I also chose the first book for February: STATION ELEVEN by Emily St John Mandel. Have you read this book? Do you want to?? Share these posts to invite your friends and of course, feel free to join in the conversation over on the book club page, starting Feb 21 🙃 HAPPY READING!!! P.S. If you think the title of this post is not a Hamilton reference, then you don’t know me at all.