Thanks / No Thanks

Well, all of a sudden I’ve been in France for a full month! Boy has it flown by or what?! Little by little I’ve been settling into Marseille, into my new job, into different expectations and realities, with help from so many people (and in despite of some others…) Thanks to my mom who dropped me … More Thanks / No Thanks

overheard at school

The architects of our brand new school building are documenting their works with photos and videos during the school day. Two girls are watching a camera crew get video footage of another grade at recess through the window of their classroom.  Girl 1: I think they are filming a movie on the playground. Girl 2: Those … More overheard at school

keeping it 💯

Today was the 100th Day of School, and we all celebrated being 100 days smarter! Imagine my surprise when my post-it note memory from March 4, 2015 read: 100TH DAY OF SCHOOL!!! Quelle coïncidence! That day was a lot of fun. The entire school of about 120 students was split into multi-grade groups of around 10 that … More keeping it 💯