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How about an update

Hey there gang ! So I managed to participate in a full TWO days of the March Slice of Life Challenge, and haven’t found much inspiration to write since… Not because I haven’t been doing inspiring things – au contraire ! I guess I just haven’t been motivated to put them down in writing. Anyways, lots has happened since I last wrote and I hope I’ll soon find the motivation to tell you about some of them. But in the meantime, I thought I’d share a few general updates and photos to flex that writing muscle again! Since March, I went to Athens with my best friend, my parents came to visit me in Marseille and Paris, I finished my 3rd (and probably final) teaching contract with TAPIF, I applied to three French university Masters in teaching and have been accepted to at least one of them, and have been generally enjoying my drastically reduced work hours in the gorgeous landscapes of Marseille 🙂 So now, on to some… Recent Highs & Lows Highs of …

J’écoute: songs for remembering

I love music. Not in the fanatic, must-have-something-playing-at-all-times way, but I am a strong appreciator of nearly all musical genres. Although my musical tastes are not very wide-ranging, I still have some favorite songs and albums (okay, most of them are musical soundtracks…). I haven’t ever sought or found refuge in music; I love music, but it’s not my life. (though I am envious of those who possess the immense musical knowledge and sensibility that I seem to lack). That said, there are some songs in my life that are so connected to a moment or a person, that the two are forever associated. My past year living in France has a lot of these songs, significant because of the person who introduced it to me, because of a new idea that arrived with the song, or just because of a particularly happy memory or joke that it represents. Here are some of those songs.