8 mars – 20 steps to perfect crêpes

Crêpes are known as French pancakes, but they’re really so much more than that. They can be eaten with sweet jams, nutella, or syrups or with savory cheese, meats, veggies and even eggs. I recently perfected my own method to make perfect dinner or dessert-ready crêpes, and you can follow along with my instructions below!

  1. Google search “easy crêpe recipe
  2. Realize that all of these American food blogs and recipe sites have their measurments in cups and tablespoons and you live in a country that measures things in liters and grams.
  3. Google search “recette crêpes facile
  4. Open up the first 3 or 4 links to compare methods and ingredients. Eliminate any that include ingredients you don’t have, like Grand Marnier or rum. They’re clearly too complicated for a weeknight.
  5. Your randomly chosen recipes call for a differing number of eggs: some say 2, others 6…so split the difference and crack 3 into a large bowl. Whisk.
  6. You’ll need approximately 250g of flour, but of course you have no way to measure that.
  7. Google “how many tablespoons is 250g of flour?“. Google tells you it’s approximately 17 tablespoons, which seems like a lot…
  8. Start spooning flour into your bowl. Stop around 8 or 9. Stir.
  9. Add 50cl of milk. Luckily, you have a cup marked with cl that you got at the Christmas Market originally filled with steaming, delicious mulled wine.
  10. Your batter is probably looking pretty watery, so add in the last 8 or 9 spoonfuls of flour.
  11. If you’re making sweet crêpes, feel free to add a dash of vanilla extract or even some cinnamon for extra flair.
  12. Heat some oil or butter on a crêpe pan. If you don’t have a crêpe pan, any round frying pan with a relatively flat bottom will do.
  13. Ladle some batter into the warm pan. Swirl it around immediately, to form a thin layer of batter that covers the bottom of the pan.
  14. Don’t worry if your crêpe has weird little tentacles sticking out where the batter couldn’t quite reach…You’re just going to eat them in 15 minutes anyway.
  15. After a few minutes, the edges will start to peel away from the pan. Using a spatula, but mostly your fingers, flip the crêpe over and cook a few more minutes.
  16. Watch bubbles form underneath the crêpe and marvel at the magic of cooking.
  17. Remove the fully cooked crêpe to a plate, and repeat until all the batter has been used. Place a tea towel over the plate of crêpes to keep them warm.
  18. Bring your finished crêpes and whatever toppings you choose to the table.
  19. Smother your crêpe with nutella or jam or cheese or whatever you want.
  20. Fold or roll. EAT UP!

Bon Appetit! ❂



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16 thoughts on “8 mars – 20 steps to perfect crêpes

  1. I started out thinking this was going to be “straight” instructions but was quickly disabused! Love this funny reflection, especially #14. Been there (though not with crepes.) You give me courage to try 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Tonight I bought carryout from Arlington Kabob, a restaurant Bridgit read about that is Woman-owned! Happy International Women’s Day. Your post makes me think of Xmas eve dessert at Grandma’s and makes me think I might try your 20-steps this weekend! You are a funny and informative writer.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes! And I remember having some serious debates about whether to roll or fold them 🙂 I can now say with conviction that they are delicious either way! Can’t wait to try Arlington Kabob this summer 🙂


  3. Fun – I love/hate how the europeans have brought chocolate to breakfast!

    I like your bold words
    if one just read those
    it is like a poem with in a poem
    that captures the essence of it all


    1. Yes! They’re also delicious with any kind of cooked veggie or meat, accompanied of course by lots of cheese!!! It is a french dish, after all 🙂

      In crepe restaurants they usually cook the crepes and then put the toppings on and serve right away so they don’t get cold, but that’s not always practical if you’re cooking for several people, so I like to cook the crepes, let each person put the savory toppings they want, and then fold them all up and put them in the oven for a few minutes until the cheese is melty and delicious!


  4. Hi Sweetie , your “methode” is so similar to my own, it’s uncanny! Keep experimenting and inventing — that’s the fun of it.


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